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The difference between color box and boutique box

We always hear the term color box or boutique box, so there are various forms of packaging boxes on various occasions.

We always hear the term color box or boutique box, so there are various forms of packaging boxes on various occasions. Can you distinguish which color boxes and which are boutique boxes? As the relevant personnel of Luoyang Huihuang Packaging Factory, which has been focusing on packaging customization all the year round, I will give you the following detailed introduction on the difference between color boxes and boutique boxes.

The sensory definition of a color box is that it is generally composed of several colors, giving people a strong visual sense, so that buyers and users have a little understanding of the overall appearance and color of the product. In terms of material, it refers to folding cartons and micro-corrugated boxes made of cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard.

Color boxes are generally used as mid-range packaging, between the inner packaging and the outer box packaging. The manual work involved is relatively small, the surface treatment is a more common method, the material is mainly paper, and the cost is low. Color boxes are especially suitable for items that cannot be unboxed before purchase. It has been widely used in industries such as electronics, food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and other industries as well as product packaging and other industries. Missing industry.

Boutique boxes are generally used as high-end packaging. Can use a variety of materials, cloth, paper, leather, wood, plastic and so on. It involves a lot of manual work, and the surface treatment and post-processing are complicated. Boutique packaging boxes are generally suitable for relatively high-end commodities, such as high-end jewelry, wine, tea and other industries.

As long as you have been in the industry for a long time, you will gradually understand these two concepts.

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